Application Procedure


Download application form on the website and Submit via below mail:


Approval of Submit Application & an Invoice provided


Down Payment
(50% of the participation fee)
*Within 7days of submission


Application for Exhibition Appurtenances
*Electricity, plumbing system, air system, etc.


Payment for Exhibition Appurtenances and Balance
*Until Oct 29th (Fri)

※ Application Deadline: first-come, first-served basis
※ Application Method: via paper
Early-bird discount: 600USD discount per booth for application before Aug. 31st, 2021 (Tue)
Download Application Form

Type of Booth Fee (Vat included)

TypeRaw SpaceShell Scheme
ShpaeDesigned and installed by the venue's designated installation companyThe whole installation by the organizer
SizeUnit: 1Booth (3m x 3m = 9sqm)Unit: 1Booth (3m x 3m = 9sqm)
Price3,600 USD3,900 USD
DetailsOnly raw space provided
- Minimum units: 2 or more booths
- Kintex's designated company's booth installation
- Electricity not included, required of electricity subscription
- Standard Shell Booth provided - Space and basic facilities provided
- BootheFrame, (Pytex) carpeting - 2 socket outlet (1ea) [220v, 1kw]
- Spotlights (2ea for signboard & 2ea for the booth)
- Company signboard (1ea) - information desk and chair (1set)

Discount Policy (per booth)

Discount TypeEligibilityDiscount Amount
Early birdApplication by Aug. 31st, 2021600 USD
Companies located in Gyeonggi-doCompany, Factory, or Branch in Gyeonggi-do600 USD
※ Duplicate discounts unavailable.

Support for Companies in Gyeonggi Province (per booth)

CostCompany, Branch, or Factory in Gyeonggi-do
Raw SpaceShell Scheme
Initial Price (A)3600USD3900USD
Discount Applied (B)3000USD3300USD
Fee Support (C)1600USD1600USD
Final Price (D=A-B-C)1400USD1700USD
※ The amount of “Fee Support” (c) is to be paid back within a month if the payment of the cost with the discount applied (b) is made before
※ To be included: VAT of the payment of the cost with the discount applied (b)